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Kevin Bethel didn’t become a police officer to lock up children. But it was under his watch as deputy police commissioner that Philadelphia’s school-to-prison pipeline was in full effect. Now retired, Bethel is on a mission to keep children out of prison, with a police-led school diversion program that is showing impressive results.
For some of the kids who attend PADMC’s forum program, it’s the first time that they’ve ever had a single positive interaction with a police officer.
A new NBC national series seeks to dive deeper into school policing. As part of the series, NBC10 interviewed Kevin Bethel about his work on the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Progam and how it is changing the narrative on school discipline in Philadelphia schools.
A Philadelphia Inquirer article, published September 26, documents Kevin Bethel's leadership on the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Progam during his time as a Deputy Police Commissioner and now as a Stoneleigh Fellow. The article also features the work of Stoneleigh Fellow Naomi Goldstein, who is conducting a rigorous evaluation of the Diversion Program's implementation and impact. 
Former Stoneleigh Fellow Gregg Volz continues to build on the work he accomplished during his Fellowship to expand the youth court model across the Commonwealth. Gregg was invited by PA State Senator Larry Farnese to testify at a recent  PA Senate Democratic Policy Committee hearing focused on educating policy committee members on youth courts. The hearing marked a starting point to the development of a task force to study the issue.